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Greetings and Welcome!

Dr. Weeks is a pioneer in corrective medicine and psychiatry. Rather than simply suppressing symptoms and prescribing medications, Dr. Weeks collaborates with his patients to identify and correct the underlying imbalances that are the source of their health problems.

Dr. Weeks does not advertise his care. People learn of his work by referral from grateful patients or through published articles. The information on this website must not be construed as an advertisement or solicitation. Rather, the purpose of this website is to disseminate ideas for readers to consider for themselves and to discuss with their caregivers.

If, after discussing these ideas with their health care providers, people subsequently wish to become a patient of Dr. Weeks, they should telephone the Clinic and speak with Laura, our New Patient Coordinator. She is available to answer questions about how we practice and assist you in scheduling an Intake Consultation. This first consultation is designed to enable prospective patients to speak directly with Dr. Weeks in order to make an informed decision about whether Dr. Weeks is the physician they want to work with toward their health goals, and simultaneously, for Dr. Weeks to determine whether he feels that he can be helpful in their care. Our patients appreciate the opportunity to engage in a preliminary discussion with Dr. Weeks prior to expending the considerable time, energy and money required to travel to the Clinic for treatment. After the Intake Consultation, we will be able to offer an estimate of the cost and duration of the testing and treatment protocols that Dr. Weeks recommends.

All new patients travel to scenic Whidbey Island, one half hour from Seattle, for a comprehensive consultation, evaluation and treatment. All of our patients must retain relationships with their current primary care providers, since we provide specialty services in areas that other medical providers do not address. We are not primary care providers.

Finally, we think that it is very important to clarify in advance that we do not bill or accept payment from any third parties like insurance companies or Medicare/Medicaid. Why is this important? Well, we think that the only way you can be assured that your doctor is working exclusively for you and has your best interest at heart is quite simply to be the one to pay for the care you receive. We have seen such compromise in patients’ care when third party payers insinuate themselves and their profit motive between the patients and the doctor that we decided a decade ago to work exclusively for our patients. Ask yourself this question: “Who pays my doctor?” The answer to that question is the person your doctor is actually working for.

Welcome to the Best of the Rest (c) of your Life !

For questions, feel free to call the office 360-341-2303 or email

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