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The most important issue today for me is that YOU understand that there are FOUR (04) protocols using insulin to deliver chemos or prescription IV drugs and each one has  a name. The protocol you all learned known as Insulin Potentiation Therapy or  IPT is a basic simple protocol created for its introduction to the american medical establishment. As you have experienced this simple protocol works very good, but it also has limitations.

1.- ORIGINAL protocol developed by Donato Perez Garcia,MD (1896-1971) in 1930 to treat infections and in 1946 the first cancer patient . He used intramuscular insulin. At the therapeutic moment he administered first the oral medications then the intramuscular medication and finally the intravenous medications all mixed in a 50cc syringe. To terminate the hypoglicemia patients were given an 8oz glass filled with 3/4 of sugar and water added to make a syrup. The name of this protocol was: Cellular Therapy to change the bio-physicochemical constants of the blood. You can see how it was administered to patients by watching the POLIO movie included in out CD IPT manual.

2.- Second Protocol called Donatian Therapy used by Donato Perez Garcia Bellon (1930-2000). The technique and sequence of administration remained the same, patients were prepared before each treamtent with an enema and a cathartic IM using 3 agents, nasal oxygen, multiple oral substances from niacin, glutation, silmarin and several other supplements. To terminate the hypoglicemia a chamomile tea with honey was given to patients. In 1982 I did a modification of this protocol by changing the route of administration of insulin from intramuscular to intravenous and placing an IV bag of saline to keeo the vein open and this facilitated the administration of the chemo agents. This second protocol had  an addition in 1982 when I introduced the initial placement of an IV bag of saline solution to have continuos vein access and the change of  the route of administration of insulin from intramuscular to intravenous to have a better control of the hypoglicemic moment.

3.- The third protocol was created in 1985-1986 by Donato Perez Garcia,MD -me- and called Insulin Potentiation Therapy or IPT by Steven G Ayre,MD.  Steven G Ayre proposed to me that a new name that described the basic action was required and I agree to that. I was the one who created this basic simple effective protocol called IPT. This IPT protocol was developed with the intention to introduce it to the american medical establishment, in simple terms, using a simple methodology, avoiding use of enemas, mixing substances in the same syringe and eliminating many supplements . Because back in 1985-6 the goal was to teach it to the AMA members and back in those years a radical rejection of the use of supplements by the establishment was in vogue (little has changed as of today).

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4.- Fourth protocol called IPTLDt . (IPT low dose therapy)  This protocol combines the 3 previous protocols, and has more effects on several unresponsive cancers, bone mets, liver mets, liver cancer, bone cancer and can be administered to children. The material to present this protocol will take me some time to have it available as this would require to cover all aspects to avoid the mistakes of the past teaching workshops.

Finally thank you for reading my comment.
Donato Perez Garcia,MD

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