Everyone agrees that patients are vulnerable and ought not be experimented upon without their consent.  Medicine, for the most part, must be conservative in nature so that people don’t get taken advantage of and harmed.   Therefore, we have the term ‘standard of care” in medicine and we doctors ought only stray from that standard when the benefits outweigh the risks and, most importantly, only when the patient gives her or his fully informed consent. Informed consent is a foundation stone of civilized medical  care.

At The Weeks Center for Corrective Health, we inform and advise while the patient must decide treatment protocols based upon her or his goals.

As a doctor who has practiced “nontraditional” medicine for over 30 years, my primary goal is simply to serve the best interests of my patients even if my treatments are innovative and not yet appreciated by my conventional colleagues. Primum non nocere – “first do no harm”, is the guiding therapeutic principle at The Weeks Center for Corrective Health.