Lectures by Dr. Weeks

Dr. Weeks is regularly invited to speak and present both here in the United States and in countries around the world. He gives lectures on topics like Corrective Health, Minerals and Metals, Apitherapy, Mental Illnesses, and Corrective Cancer Care, speaking to medical professionals and students alike. His mixture of humor and visual aids makes such technical information accessible to all interested in learning. Some presentations are recorded and available for viewing in the video section of this site and weeksmd.com. Many of his PowerPoint presentations can be found below. Click the

Enjoy your learning!

All material is © Copyright Dr. Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. 

  1. The Revitalizing & Regenerative Power of Crushed Whole Seed Nutrition
  2. Electropollution From Our Conveniences
  3. CCC brief handout
  4. Inflammation Wielding the Double Edged Sword
  5. Under The Radar – Targeting and Controlling the Cancer STEM Cell
  6. Dr. Weeks’ webinar on SOUL
  7. The Power of SOUL Food
  8. The Cancer War is Over, Time to Heal the Cancer Process, Not Fight the Tumor PART 1 of 3
  9. The Cancer War is Over, Time to Heal the Cancer Process, Not Fight the Tumor PART 2 of 3
  10. The Cancer War is Over. Time to Heal the Cancer Process, Not Fight the Tumor PART 3 of 3
  11. IPT/IPTLD Integrative Cancer Care Conferecne (video)
  12. Controlling the Cancer STEM Cells – Cancer Control Society (video)
  13. Torture is a Pre-Psychotic Syndrome
  14. OHM Lecture
  15. Introduction to Corrective Health Medicine
  16. Corrective Cancer Care® and Cancer Stem Cell Therapy
  17. The Practice of Apitherapy
  18. A tribute to Abram Hoffer, Ph. D, M.D.
  19. Corrective Cancer Care and Stem Cells
  20. The Role of Diet in Delinquency and Criminal Behavior
  21. IPT, Vitamin C and QOL
  22. IV Protocols Within the Context of Corrective Medicine & Psychiatry
  23. ProBiotics for Health – “Our Private Garden Tract”
  24. Towards an Understanding and Practice of Intravenous Orthomolecular Treatments for Mental Illnesses
  25. A Perspective on Minerals and Metals in Human Health
  26. The Role of Proteolytic Enzymes in the Treatment of (People With) Cancer
  27. “Ortho” Approaches to Correcting Sleep Disruption
  28. Topical and Systemic Treatments of (People With) Skin Cancer
  29. Connecting Throat and Heart