Why Corrective Health?

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With health care in a turmoil and frustrations with the “standard of care” – be it the rushed, ineffectual office visit, the lack of thoroughness at the ER, the missed tumor on the CAT scan, and generally the lack of a sense of service, the lack of being willing to care for people –  at an all time high, patients who find their way to our clinic appreciate our intent to listen and learn with them in order to advise corrective protocols. We educate and offer the scientific rationale for correcting the problem and not just suppressing the symptoms.

An introduction to what we do and why!

The role of a doctor is ultimately that of a teacher – one who offers information and advice to those interested in health. Illness and disease are problematic in my opinion for many reasons but most importantly, I rail against disease because it compromises the freedom (and therefore the essential humanity) of my patients. Curious statement? Well, think of it this way: a loving mother has terribly hard time acting in a loving manner if she has a splitting headache. Here we see an example of how illness can be distracting and compelling. Illness can force us to act beneath our ability – to be less than loving.

My goal as a doctor is to help people grow free from disease and illness. This is different from “curing” people and different from suppressing their symptoms. Health is the state of freedom or mastery of our state of body, habit, soul and spirit while alive amidst friends and family. And here is why: I believe in freedom because I think Love is the highest human pursuit while on earth and Love is only Love if it is given and taken freely.

Interested in being the best people we can be? Read on! Habits which I urge my patients to do for their health can be found in the next page Principles of Health.