Treatment Methods:

Although he is licensed as an M.D. to prescribe all life-saving prescription (patent) medicines, Dr. Weeks does this in the context of Corrective Medicine and Psychiatry whereby attention is paid initially to correcting imbalances. Once the causative factors (toxicities or deficiencies of naturally occurring biochemical substances or life style habits) are identified and addressed, then typically the synthetic drugs which had been essential for minimizing symptoms or maintaining life become somewhat redundant.

Consider this example:  if you tell the average doctor that you feel a pain in your buttocks every time you sit in your chair, he or she will immediately start considering which type of pain medication is appropriate. In contrast, a Corrective Health doctor will check to see if there is a tack in your chair! Why take addictive pain meds when by correcting the problem (removing the tack), you can be medication-free?

Or imagine driving to work and having car problems such that you drift to stop at the side of the road. Well, you might have AAA membership which includes towing services so you could call and ask to be towed to your appointment. And once that appointment was over, you could negotiate and hire the tow truck driver to tow you to your next appointment and if you were really stupid or excessively rich, you could even hire the tow truck to tow you home that night and then, the following day you could pay to have him tow you to all you appointments.

What happens if this behavior continues?  Well, you would get to your appointments – no argument there – but your rear tires would wear out, you would forget how to drive and ultimately, you would spend millions being towed needlessly since when your car originally failed, a simple check of  1) gas,  2) oil,  3) spark plugs,  4) radiator water,  etc. would have allowed you to identify and correct the problem and made the hassle and expense of hiring a tow truck  “redundant”. In that sense, since it is impossible to have a deficiency of a synthetic substance (that about that assertion!!!), why rely upon ingesting something which is not actually necessary in the long run if instead, you can correct the natural imbalance?

If this sound strange, please consider this simple question: Is your illness caused by a deficiency of a synthetic patented medicine? Of course not! Granted, patent medications work and have their important role in health care, but (and this “but” is what all the fuss is about…) why not correct your actual imbalances BEFORE depending upon synthetic, artificial and unnatural substances which, being knock-offs, or near misses, always have side-effects. You learned early on the following truths: “It isn’t nice to fool Mother Nature.” and  “A half truth is more dangerous than a lie.”    so why not strive to correct your actual problem before medicating with exogenous agents? If that strategy makes sense to you, then a hearty welcome to….. Corrective Medicine and Psychiatry!

Description of Treatment Options


Corrective medicine and psychiatry involves the collaborative experience of listening with, educating and advising patients about how to correct imbalances in their four realms of life: their physical bodies, their vitality, their emotional life and their spiritual path. This encompasses education and counseling concerning the lifestyle “NET” (Nutrition, Exercise and Thought – see this illustrated as the Weeks Health Pyramid with Lifestyle as the foundation, Supplements as the next step, Medications only when supplements are inadequate and, of course, when required, Hospitalization or Surgeries when medications don’t suffice.)


This is the process of identifying deficiencies or excesses (toxic) in the body’s own biochemical workings and then either supplementing what you are low in or, on the other hand, detoxifying what have too much of. Enzymes, amino acids, minerals, essential fatty acids (oils) and vitamins so overlooked by conventional medicine are essential to health. (Even their name: “essential nutrients” cries out for attention!) If you buy a new sports car, you will spend $50,000 of which half might be the engine cost and half the chassis and marketing expense. But if you forget to buy a simple quart of oil ($1.89) the engine will seize up and be irreparably destroyed within 10 miles… never to run again! Don’t forget to “change your oil” and supplement or detoxify as necessary for optimal health.


A big word meaning “same molecule”. The point is to identify which molecules (enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones) you are short on (deficiency syndromes) or long on (toxic syndromes). We then simply re-balance you by using supplements to make up for deficiencies and/or detoxification techniques to get rid of excesses. However, the key point is to accomplish this using natural molecules which occur in your body (i.e. ortho-molecular) not foreign, unnatural molecules (allopathic) which are designed and patented not for health and bio-compatibility but for profit. (Remember, you can’t patent a naturally occurring substance but you can alter it “significantly” and then patent it. These alterations are often toxic).


This is an integrated approach which includes the brilliant, biochemical technique IPT (which has been continuously used in North America since the 1930s) which involves enhanced “killing effects” from anti-biotics, anti-parasite drugs and chemotherapy resulting in targeted benefits with less “side-effects”. It can be very useful in the treatment of people suffering from all cancers as well as many infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, parasites, spirochetes, retroviral). Being experimental (despite being used since the 1930′s!) it is only offered as non-standard care to patients who have considered and freely refused standard options like conventional chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Trained by Dr. Steven Ayre with Dr. Donato Perez-Garcia in 2002, Dr. Weeks is the only certified instructor of IPT in Washington State. Since 2008,  Dr. Weeks has championed the struggle to remediate an aspect of cancer which has tragically been ignored by most oncologists: the cancer STEM cells. Corrective Cancer Care not only kills cancer TUMOR cells but strives to kill cancer STEM cells as well. Increasingly, other IPT doctors and other oncologists are not recognizing the need to address cancer STEM cells as well which bodes well for the future of cancer care.


This is a fertile, world-wide system of healing derived from the research of Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) involving mineral, plant and animal substances prepared in a manner that, by featuring the forces inherent in these substances, offers potent, non-toxic remedies. These remedies are offered in the context of mind/body health work and a spiritual perspective which strives to see health challenges as important lessons.


Dr. Weeks is a world-renown expert and pioneer on the subject of medicinal uses of the honeybee products and lectures around the world on this topic. Founder of the America Apitherapy Society (AAS) he has taught hundreds of doctors and nurses about the therapeutic qualities of bee venom, bee pollen, raw honey, propolis and royal jelly. Over the past quarter of a century, he has championed the scientific validation of apitherapy and has been honored as the doctor who most helped bring apitherapy out of the hive and into the hospital.


Many people labor under the stigma of a psychiatric diagnosis which is undeserved and misapplied. In the cases of “psychiatric illnesses” ADD, psychosis, schizophrenia, manic depression, addictions (including illicit drugs, alcohol and nicotine) Frequently, physical causes are overlooked because careful biochemical detective work was not performed. Dr. Weeks is specially trained in identifying those people who are inadequately diagnosed with a mental illness and helps them to re-attain normal function. For this reason, even if you come for psycho-therapy or counseling, Dr. Weeks offers a physical examination and nutritional work-up to rule out an organic or physical cause. Better to fix that biochemical dis-ease than to spend years “on the couch” having not addressed this aspect of your health. For those folks who struggle with psychiatric illnesses, Dr. Weeks uses his training as a psychiatrist to monitor their need for anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications. At the same time, however, he offers corrective protocols which frequently lessen the need (dose and/or frequency) for debilitating psychiatric medications.


By replenishing nutritional deficiencies using non-allergenic diet plans and by stabilizing otherwise debilitating blood sugar fluctuation via teaching about low glycemic index foods, we help decrease the biochemical urgency of addictions. Another cornerstone of corrective addiction medicine is rehydration whereby addictive substances clear the body gradually rather than abruptly. This too helps extinguish addictive cravings. Finally we use a variety of corrective agents such as Suboxone (for opiates), Baclofen (for alcohol), high dose oral vitamin C (for heroin) GABA (for benzodiazepine drugs) and electronic cigarettes (for nicotine). A foundation of Corrective Addiction Medicine and teaching people to “Give themselves the Dickens”  and to create purpose in their lives, without which the dis-ease continues unchecked.


Most obese patients are overfed and undernourished. They are hungry because they are starving. Many difficulties occur when people fail to digest and absorb foods.  Factors to assess and correct include: dysbiosis, food allergies, Candida Albicans over-growth, hypochlorhydria and sleep disorders  (you heard me: yes, it is true!  – we lose weight in our sleep and failure to sleep well increases night time cortisol (which is a stress hormone and a storage hormone) which makes us fat). Most diet fads fail because they ignore corrective biochemical principles: people lose water and muscle but not the fat. We create individualized and targeted fat loss programs while empowering patients to set and accomplish goals that are meaningful to them!


As we humans age, we all produce and secrete less hormones and begin what I term “regression to the mean”.  Men lose male hormones and women lose female hormones. In fact, an overweight 60 year old man typically has higher estrogen levels than his 60 year old wife! Aging men lose muscle tone and develop  “man-boobs” while  aging women get more hair on their chinny chin chins and lose their “juice”. Regression to the mean!   Corrective Hormonal Care includes Real Hormonal Therapy (RHT)  which utilizes “hormone healthy” diet plans, “hormone healthy” exercise plans, blood sugar stabilization, stress reduction and laboratory testing before replacement (at safe physiologic levels) of natural, bio-identical hormones such as  melatonin – oxytocin – natural estrogens – progesterone – testosterone – DHEA – pregnenolone – vitamin D3.