The Weeks Clinic wonders, “How are YOU doing?”

Meet Dr. Weeks

The role of a doctor is ultimately that of a teacher. In fact, the word “doctor” is derived from the Latin word “ducere” which means “to lead” or “to teach”. Dr. Weeks considers teaching principles of health to be a fundamental aspect of health care.

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Why Corrective Health?

With health care in a turmoil and frustrations with the “standard of care” at an all time high, patients who find their way to our clinic appreciate our intent to listen and learn with them in order to advise corrective protocols. We educate and offer the scientific rationale for correcting the problem and not just suppressing the symptoms.

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What We Offer

Corrective Cancer, Hormonal, Psychiatric, Sleep and Heart Care are a few of the services offered at The Weeks Clinic. Dr. Weeks cares for people of all ages suffering with all illnesses by helping to correct imbalances of the physical (biochemical), emotional and spiritual aspects of health.

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Become a Patient

The goal of the Weeks Clinic is to identify with you imbalances and to address our therapies to the root causes of those imbalances – be they biochemical, habitual, emotional or spiritual. All new patients travel to scenic Whidbey Island, one half hour from Seattle, for a comprehensive consultation, evaluation and treatment.

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