APITHERAPY: Dr. Weeks is a world-renown expert and pioneer on the subject of medicinal uses of the honeybee products and lectures around the world on this topic. Having worked with Master Apitherapist Charles Mraz  in Middlebury vermont  from 1982 until Charlie’s  death at age 94 in ,  Dr. Weeks assumed the responsibility to carry on this honorable tradition of folk medicine and to bring it into the realm of science.  Co-founder of the American Apitherapy Society with Charles Mraz and past president,  he continues to practice and teach about apitherapy world-wide.  Dr Weeks also edited the original journal of the American Apitherapy Society  “BeeWell”  from the founding of the Society in 1985  until  1994.

The therapeutic qualities of bee venom, bee pollen, raw honey, propolis and royal jelly are increasingly featured in the media and have a long and impressive folk-medicine tradition supported by a well-documented scientific foundation. When bee venom is used therapeutically, it must be administered by a an exprienced apitherapist and a viable bee sting kit  (adrenalin, benadryl) must be within easy reach.