1) Whether she or he is interested in chemo-sensitivity testing to determine which drugs are most effective in killing your unique tumor (just as important as the  culture and sensitivity testing for your urinary tract infection).

2) What she or he is planning to do about killing your cancer STEM cells (chemotherapy and radiation only kill cancer TUMOR cells) allowing the STEM cells to create more cancer.

3) Whether she or he recommends anti-oxidant therapy along with the conventional chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

4) How she or he plans to support your immune system  and anti-inflammatory forces in the debilitating process of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Any new ideas?

5) Whether your pain medication is weakening your life-saving immune function.

6) What are the odds of the cancer coming back even stronger (recurrence) with the proposed treatment protocol  (especially is the cancer STEM cells are not addressed effectively).

7) What the side-effects of the proposed treatment and how can they be lessened? Cachexia,  afterall, is what kills most cancer patients…

8) What is the expected outcome of the proposed therapy.

9) What is the goal of the proposed therapy (cure?  improvement? buying time? comfort care/hospice?)