Corrective Cancer Care

An old joke relates how Ms. Smith traveled the world suffering with her unique illness and searching for the perfect doctor.  When she found him, she exclaimed:  “Oh Dr. Jones, I am so glad I found you. I hope you can treat what I have!” …   To which Dr. Jones replied, “Lady, I hope you have what I treat!”

You are unique and…  (no surprise!)…  your cancer process is unique also! 

At the Weeks Clinic, we don’t put you on a treadmill and fit you in into a standard protocol.  Instead with strive to exceed the standard of care by offer individualized service in therapies but initially in testing.   See below to learn more about what testing is offered at the Weeks Clinic and why it would serve you.


1)  Chemosensitivity testing to determine which chemo drugs and immune enhancing agents are optimal for your specific cancer.  Rational Therapeutics Lab in California, the BioFocus Lab  in  Germany and the  RGCC  Lab in Greece  test  for which chemotherapy drugs are most effective for your specific cancer as well as which immune enhancing agents are most helpful.

2) Radiologic studies for diagnosis and staging of cancer process

3) Cancer Tumor Markers in blood

4) ratio of Estrogen receptor alpha (lethal)  vs. Estrogen receptor beta (healthy)

5) Natural Killer Cell Activity (we measure the activity and not the absolute number of  natural killer cells)

5)  your functional  nutrient inventory (minerals, vitamins, amino acids)

Micronutrient panel

serum 25-OH D3  (vitamin D3 levels)

serum iodine

whole blood selenium

6)  Measurement of your vitality  using  Heart Rate Variability


…And more  (depending upon what YOU need)