Corrective Psychiatric Services:

Many people labor under the stigma of a psychiatric diagnosis which is undeserved and misapplied. In the cases of “psychiatric illnesses” ADD, psychosis, schizophrenia, manic depression, addictions (including illicit drugs, alcohol and nicotine) Frequently, physical causes are overlooked because careful biochemical detective work was not performed. Dr. Weeks is specially trained in identifying those people who are inadequately diagnosed with a mental illness and helps them to re-attain normal function.

For this reason, even if you come for psycho-therapy or counseling, Dr. Weeks offers a physical examination and nutritional work-up to rule out an organic or physical cause. Better to fix that biochemical dis-ease than to spend years “on the couch” having not addressed this aspect of your health. For those folks who struggle with psychiatric illnesses, Dr. Weeks uses his training as a psychiatrist to monitor their need for anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications. At the same time, however, he offers corrective protocols which frequently lessen the need (dose and/or frequency) for debilitating psychiatric medications.

Seu uso deve aumentar o tempo até a ejaculação em até três vezes, fazendo com que o usuário tenha maior controle sobre sua atuação, permitindo manter uma relação sexual mais prazerosa. Se você quiser suavizar um pouco o sabor intenso do molho com verduras, ao servir você pode Como cortar o efeito adicionar um toque de creme de leite vegetal.

Corrective Addiction Medicine:

By replenishing nutritional deficiencies using non-allergenic diet plans and by stabilizing otherwise debilitating blood sugar fluctuation via teaching about low glycemic index foods, we help decrease the biochemical urgency of addictions. Another cornerstone of corrective addiction medicine is rehydration whereby addictive substances clear the body gradually rather than abruptly. This too helps extinguish addictive cravings. Finally we use a variety of corrective agents such as Suboxone (for opiates), Baclofen (for alcohol), high dose oral vitamin C (for heroin) GABA (for benzodiazepine drugs) and electronic cigarettes (for nicotine).